Top eCommerce players for online grocery shopping in Spain

August 20, 2021

In comparison to other European countries where online shopping for groceries has been far more common, Spain was somehow staying behind the trend. That’s until 2020, when everything changed.

The pandemic has pushed all kinds of consumers in Spain to try the online channel for the first time: to do their  regular grocery shopping while supermarkets were closed or to avoid leaving the house in the first months of the confinement. This has caused the landscape of retailers winning the major market share to evolve and change really fast.

According to the site these are the top 10 eCommerce sites for groceries and online food purchases in 2020 in Spain:

Ranking according to online channel revenue (Source:

Leading the ranking we find Carrefour, which has surpassed the former 2019 leader: Mercadona. The french retailer ended up last year with €300.8M€ in revenue from the Spanish online groceries industry, followed by Alcampo with a revenue of €247.6M and Mercadona with €230.5M.

Amazon is still very far from the leader Carrefour in this category but recent investments made by the company on new distribution centers in Spain point to a strong competitive scenario in the near future. 

All kinds of brands, especially in the FMCG industry are increasingly paying attention to their eCommerce analytics across e-retailers and to their presence online to keep up with consumer trends.

In fact, we are helping different types of clients in this category to monitor their product portfolio online and we’ve seen some interesting trends in the Share of Search domain for some product subcategories, inside the groceries and food production space.

For example, when looking at the search results for keywords like “virgin olive oil” inside Carrefour’s Spanish online supermarket in the past 6 months we’ve also seen a dominance of search of their own Carrefour Oil brand with 36% of results among all Olive oil products searches. 

Share of search of the Oil Product Subcategory in Carrefour Spanish eretailer. Data Source: Shalion eCometry dashboard (from Nov, 2020 to May, 2021)

In comparison, the second biggest online retailer Al Campo Oil brands are getting 43% of the Share of Search in their own online supermarket with the keywords “Olive oil” in the past 6 months, among all other main brands. 

Share of search of the Oil Product Subcategory in Alcampo Spanish eretailer. Data Source: Shalion eCometry dashboard (from Nov, 2020 to May, 2021)

These kinds of indicators present a clear challenge for brands looking to capitalize on the increase of the online channel for grocery shopping across e-retailers and opens the door for further optimization opportunities of the Digital Shelf. 


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