Navigate the eCommerce crowds

eCommerce sites like Amazon, ManoMano, Fnac, Lazada, Shopee, Walmart or Mercado Libre have become incredibly competitive and crowded places.

We’ll help you navigate the top marketplaces worldwide: with Shalion's dahsboard it will be simpler than moving along a crowded street market.

Navigate the eCommerce crowds

Marketplaces like Amazon, ManoMano, Fnac, Etsy, Ebay, Walmart or Mercado Libre have become incrediblely competitive and crowded

We’ll help you navigate the crowds with eCometry it will be simpler.

All sellers: 1P & 3P

Discover your multiple sellers
  • Monitor how your competition is selling on marketplaces:
    Not only other manufacturers in your category but also
    your own suppliers.
  • Protect your profit: the high competition in marketplaces
    can force sellers to reduce prices, damaging profit.
    Make sure you’re always on price and aware of what types of discounts are being offered by your competitors.
  • Keep an eye on how other sellers are offering your products online and protect your brand’s reputation.