The Visibility Tracker
Explore the market and make the best decisions based on fresh and complete data. Augment your online brand performance to optimize your brand equity, ensure price consistency across channels and improve your share of voice.
Monitor your and your competitors ecommerce display in all e-retailers and all formats, static and dynamic
- Track campaigns shown up within the retailers websites to outstand your promotional activity
- Obtain daily information on the brands and products promoted,
their formats, placement and duration
- Correlate your share of promotion with internal sales data to
sharpen your ecommerce investments
Rank brands and manufacturers by a Visibility Score built on a promo features analysis over time per retailer..

Benchmark your promotional campaigns to competitors. Understand how your brand stand out in the advertising bid.
Gain detailed information about types, sizes and placement promoted to quantify your brand presence relevance.

Get daily monitoring of all promotions alife to improve your promotional investments
Commerce Display Inventory
Track all static creativities
Banner and Search
Sponsored Products

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Enrique Herreros

Your best decision making

Shalion supports your decision making with the most reliable and innovative ecommerce performance data, using our unique Artificial Intelligence solutions, and direct you to achive the best possible results.

Unique algorithms

(Explicar el porqué Shalion está en posición de ventaja respecto a la competencia, en qué nos basamos para prometer los resultados)
Best data possible

In this way, (explicar las consecuencias de tener el punto anterior: la mejor data posible, la mas fiable, la más robusta, que junto con los productos de Shalion garantizan el éxito)
More efficiency

(más velocidad, más optimización de recursos, más rendimiento, más eficacia)
24/7 Support

(Explicar que además de lo anterior, Shalion irá de la mano con el usuario para que éste consiga el éxito y cualquier problema que tenga, ahí estaremos)
Customization & Control

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Visibility Tracker Webinar
· Webinar IN SPANISH ·
Wednesday February 3 | 10:00am Mx; 11:00am Co; 1:00pm Ar, Chi ; 17:00 CET
· Webinar IN GERMAN ·
Thursday February 4 | 16:00 CET
· Webinar IN FRENCH ·
Friday February 5 | 17:00 CET
2020 has been the e-commerce year. Brands need to improve their online identity.
In order to start 2021 with the right strategy, our experts will share about Shalion’s experience with Top 500 fortune companies and give interesting insights on what information is useful to major brands. He will drive most questions that are facing E-commerce managers today:
1. How visible are your digital campaigns within e-retailers?
2. Do you know the share of voice of your brands in e-commerce?
3. How do you measure it?
4. What are the most used promotions by your competitors in the online channel?
Save your spot for the webinar to get all the insights based on our major customer’s experience, along with practical tips and a live Q&A discussion. This is the webinar you don’t want to miss.
What you will learn:
1. How to measure your share of voice?
2. Why is it the moment to adapt your strategy to the one of your competitors?
3. How to spot undervalued opportunities to improve online sales?
One of the most modern and relevant tools on the market.