A Fresh Start: Spring Cleaning Trends in the Digital Era

February 6, 2024

Spring cleaning, a time-honored tradition that marks the transition from winter hibernation to the blossoming of a new season, has evolved significantly over the years. What was once a domestic ritual has now transcended into a digital phenomenon, with trends in retail media and the digital shelf playing a pivotal role in shaping the way we approach our annual cleaning endeavors.

What is Spring Cleaning?

The term "Spring Cleaning" refers to the practice of thoroughly cleaning one's home in the springtime. It is believed to have originated from various cultural and religious traditions, symbolizing a fresh start and renewal. Today, it has become a widely embraced practice around the world, and its scope has expanded beyond just tidying up the home. With 74 percent of people participating in Spring Cleaning every year, it's evident that this is a crucial date to consider for promotional events.

Trends in the Home Care Category

In recent years, the Home Care category has witnessed a surge in consumer interest during the spring season. The purchase intent rate for cleaning products experiences significant peaks during this period as individuals seek to revitalize their living spaces.

Examining the data from last year's spring season provided by MikMak reveals intriguing insights into consumer behavior. Purchase Intent Rates exhibited a noticeable rise, commencing on March 8th and reaching their zenith on March 19th. Drawing from this information, we can make an informed assumption that consumers are most inclined to purchase their spring cleaning Home Care products during the month of March. By staying attuned to recent trends, brands can position themselves strategically and ensure they are well-prepared to meet the demands of the upcoming spring season.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, retail media has become a key player in influencing consumer behavior during spring cleaning. Advertisers are increasingly investing in retail media, particularly in search advertising, to capitalize on the heightened interest in cleaning products. Consumers are actively searching for solutions to enhance their spring cleaning experience, and brands are leveraging retail media to ensure their products stand out in online searches.

Spending in Cleaning

The spring cleaning season is not only a time for decluttering homes but also for a surge in consumer spending. With the rise of e-commerce, consumers have easy access to a wide range of cleaning products. Brands are strategically positioning themselves on the digital shelf to capture consumer attention, offering convenience and a seamless shopping experience.

Let’s introduce a graph that delineates the cleaning priorities for this time of year. This information provides valuable insights into consumer preferences and can help anticipate which types of products might experience higher demand. The data suggests a notable emphasis on specific cleaning categories, such as glass cleaners, wood cleaning products, curtain and carpet cleaners, among others. By aligning product offerings with these prevalent cleaning preferences, brands can strategically position themselves to meet the evolving needs of consumers during this seasonal surge in demand. 

Digital Shelf & Retail Media Dominance

The concept of the digital shelf is gaining prominence as consumers increasingly turn to online platforms for their spring cleaning needs. Brands are optimizing their online presence, ensuring that their products are visually appealing and well-positioned to meet the demands of digitally savvy consumers.

In the upcoming years, the significance of marketing and innovation will be paramount. Sustaining a consistent advertising initiative is crucial for manufacturers to not only promote their brand image but also to strengthen their position in the market. Moreover, adaptability to evolving consumer demands and staying abreast of dynamic trends through innovative products and technological acumen is essential. Companies can explore the avenue of expanding their product lines to encompass natural and eco-friendly options in both products and packaging, reflecting an evolution that aligns with current consumer preferences. This transition can be effectively communicated through a robust Retail Media strategy, ensuring the brand resonates with the target audience and remains at the forefront of market trends.


As we embark on another spring cleaning season, the intersection of retail media and the digital shelf is reshaping the way consumers approach home care. The surge in purchase intent rates, coupled with strategic investments in retail media, underscores the importance of a strong online presence for brands in the cleaning industry. Revolutionize your experience! Schedule a personalized demo with our expert team today to discover firsthand the possibilities that await your business.

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