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Are you looking for a place where you can advance your career at a fast pace while also shape a growing industry?
Then look no further, here at Shalion we would love to meet you!

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The hiring process at shalion

The first step is receiving and analyzing your application! 
Our HR department will review your CV and then will reach out to do a quick call with you.
If we see there's a good fit between your profile and our culture, you'll move into the next phase!

Step 1

Now, it's time to meet your (possible) future manager.
You will need to do a set of technical tests to assess your experience and skills and also you will be interviewed by the Head of the department in charge of the role search. If needed, you'll also get to know one of our founders!

Step 2

For some roles (like Department Heads) another interview will be needed to assess your leadership style. This is an opportunity to understand our vision and direction first-hand.
Then you'll hear from us (with hopefully) a positive response and you'll start the onboarding process. Welcome to Shalion!

Step 3

What are the benefits of working with us?

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Spontaneous Application

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