Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small file that is stored on your device (PC, tablet or phone) when you browse a website or App. A cookie cannot contain malware or damage your devices. Cookies may come from Shalion (Shalion drops them) or come from different sources (another domain drops them, with our authorization). Next, we tell you what kind of cookies we use and how to set your preferences about them.

What is the purpose of using cookies?

While surfing our web you can be exposed to different types of cookies:

- Customization cookies: they allow us to show our services adapted to you, based on certain features such as language, the region you are accessing our website from, the type of browser you use, etc.

- Technical cookies: they allow you to use the different functions that Shalion offers you, like the ‘log in’ identification, access to restricted areas, use security elements during browsing, etc.

- Analysis cookies: they allow us to get a statistical analysis about the number of views we have in each of our web sections.

List of cookies Shalion uses?


__hstc, hubspotutk, __hssc, __hssrc, hsfirstvisit Hubspot’s cookies used by Shalion with the goal to understand your navigation on our website.

navegación por nuestra página web _hs_opt_out Hubspot’s cookies used by Shalion with the goal of saving your preference regarding cookies.

_ga Google Analytics Cookie. This helps us get statistics and reports about the behavior of visitors in our website.

refresh-tokensession-token. Ecometry cookie’s to storage the user and session information of our clients in our dashboard.



_hjTLDTest Hotjar cookie's to monitor and measure the use of the ecometry tool.

Your rights over cookies

As a citizen, you have the right to decide if a website can drop cookies on your device. One of the options you have for this is to set up your browser in the appropriate way, for example, indicating that you do not want to receive any cookies from any website.

You can also erase them or change your preferences, following the instructions given by the browser you are using:

· Internet Explorer >>

· Mozilla Firefox >>

· Google Chrome >>

· Apple Safari >>

· Safari for iOS >>

· Opera >>

· Chrome for Android and iOS >>

· Internet Explorer Mobile >>

If you wish to have more control, you can install softwares or add-ons to your browser, known as “Do Not Track”, which will allow you to select which cookies you accept and which ones you don’t. Keep in mind that blocking some of the cookies we use, may prevent you from making full use of all our features.