Lucas Godoy

Lucas Godoy

Software Engineer expert with over 10 years of experience. MSc in AI. Clean architecture enthusiast.

Lucas is Chief Technology Officer at Shalion where he leads a powerful team of engineers responsible for building and maintaining the company's internal and market-leading innovative products and platforms.

Lucas joined Shalion in 2019 and brings more than 10 years of proven software development experience, including leading the development of data collection and audience measurement applications for eCommerce websites.

Prior to Shalion, Lucas has worked as Tech Lead at the Market Research companies managing the development of tools for tracking consumer behavior from digital media sources. While working at leading Market Research company Kantar he was directly involved with the development of audience measurement tools for eCommerce retailers.

Lucas holds a Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence from the São Paulo State University and a Bachelors of Technology degree in Computer Science from the same university. Moreover Lucas is specialized in software architecture and engineering, data extraction methodologies, algorithm optimization and clean code.

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