eRetail Media definition

eRetail Media consists of advertising space available on retail websites. It allows to accentuate the visibility of a brand among many other directly on the point of sale. Brands can reach consumers through advertising at different points in the online shopping process directly when running a campaign on a retailer. 

The online sales channel has seen very strong growth in recent years, making eRetail Media increasingly important for brands and retailers and there are different forms of ads and formats available to promote a Brand or Product on eRetail Media. 

Types of Ad and Formats available on eRetail Media

eRetail Media Ad placements and formats available Onsite (those you can finde on the retailer’s websites) are becoming increasingly common among different retailers. Many were popularized by Amazon by now have been adopted by

- Sponsored Products: an ad is shown in search results when a specific product is searched for. 

- Display Advertising: consists on banners with image and video, usually with a copy or text.

- Brand stores or Landing pages: the “shop in shop” concept (this is a special subpage for a brand). 

- Branded content / native advertising. 

- Product collaboration: exclusive collaboration between the brand and the retailer.

- Live Streaming: some retailers runs a special event (like Amazon’s Prime Days) and a series of infomercials are promoted through a live broadcasting.  

Also, retailers are adding out-of-the-shopping Ad formats to their eRetail Media inventories. Thanks to cookies, it's also possible to follow consumers outside the eCommerce site and impact them on other websites, this is what's called Offsite ads.

Some benefits of eRetail media (with the emergence of digital features)

More data available to the advertiser: This data is collected exponentially, once the consumer's consent is obtained, it is possible to follow their purchasing behavior throughout their journey, to know their preferences and habits in detail. 

A more specific message: Consequence of the first evolution of retail media, the targeting of consumers is becoming finer and allows a real customization of the message according to the profile of the target. An advantage is to offer customers a shopping experience that meets their expectations and thus builds loyalty. 

More points of contact with the consumer: A medium that allows advertisers to communicate with consumers natively, on their digital shopping journey and especially directly on the point of sale.

Why investing on eRetail Media is good for your brand?

With no doubt, investing properly on eRetail Media can have an impact on sales (both online sales and offline) but it also helps to reach a wider audience, drive traffic to a product page and also improve the overall shopper experience.

Investing on eRetail Media

Measurement of eRetail Media campaigns

There's one specific challenge for brands while investing on eRetail Media advertising: the measurement and calculation of the ROI associated with this budget allocation.

Some retailers offer full transparency and data about our campaigns mainly because this media is still very rudimentary but also because although a retailer could share data about our own campaigns it's unlikely that it will share data on our competitors. So many eCommerce managers end up doing a manual check or relying on automated third parties solutions when monitoring and tracking eRetail Media Ads.

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