Quick Commerce

Quick commerce or Q-commerce is a new mode of electronic commerce that tries to satisfy the grocery needs of users in the shortest possible time. 

To do this, these companies have dark stores, which are strategic points where they can offer this service to different parts of the city. 

Consequently, all this metamorphosis is to change the vision of having the warehouses outside the cities to be able to place them in key points so that their distribution is easier and faster.  Speed and comfort, in short, are the determining factors for users; these characteristics take precedence over other characteristics such as price on Quick Commerce. The user experience in quick commerce is the most important, since the objective is to provide essential goods in daily life. 

Quick Commerce can be applied to any type of product, especially necessities, where the urgency can be generated to be able to have it in a short time. 

Some of the most famous players in this type of Quick Commerce are: Gorillas, Getir, Fancy, Dija, or Flink. 

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