Share of Voice

The Share of Voice is a KPI that helps to assess the amount of visibility a brand has in the market, but also  helps to evaluate the result of the advertising spending of a brand during a given period, in a specific region or on different channels. 

Voice Share is a form of competitive analysis where the indicator can also be broken down by topic, region or language to extract additional insights to optimize a marketing strategy. 

Within Digital Marketing, it is a percentage that measures the rate of participation of an advertiser in a specific market during a certain period in juxtaposition to other brands. It is usually tracked on social networks, where influence is measured based on comments and interactions with other users.

Other brands in the same sector can be analyzed in the same period to see the impact they’ve had compared to the overall market..

The Share of Voice is important because it represents the repercussions that a brand has (thanks to advertising spending) on a given market. 

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